Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Visual (Un)Thinking - Festive Marker

Very tough project, but our group finally pulled a film together at the last minute! Fairly pleased with the outcome, considering it was a first time for all of us planning, shooting and editing a film. Based around the pen that we all associate with christmas, it always seems to start well, but end in a mess...

Photography - In The Dark

Probably the toughest project I have done since starting at Kingston. Myself and other Charlie worked very hard on this, trying to come up with lots of different ideas for where to take the project. Ended up doing 4 different 'final' shoots, before we came up with our final outcome. Not the best feedback in the crit, but definitely learnt a lot from this week.

Fighting Fear Premiere

Went to the premiere of a new film about two Australian surfers/fighters. Really good film, the stars of the film were at the premiere too, answering questions for the crowd. First major film from this director, some very cheesy animations, but also some amazing scenes taken out at the sea with the surfers.

Youtube Link for trailer -

Sponge Day - Contemporary Art

Myself, Scott and Rhys worked together on this sponge day, where we had to grab the public's attention however we could. After exploring around Shoreditch and Brick Lane for a few hours we found an open gate to what looked like a builders yard. Using any old junk we found in an abandoned house next door, we set up a 'contemporary art' exhibition, to mock the rubbish we had seen in fine art galleries earlier in the day. We set up a small sign outside and monitored from a way back how many people took notice, we had over 20 visitors in half an hour, before the owners turned up. As you can see from the video, they clearly don't appreciate contemporary art.

Youtube Link -

Old Truman Brewery - Heaven & Earth

Exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane from street artist Sickboy. Started off as typical grafitti artist, but shown a real development in his work with the much more illustration based work shown underneath. There was also 4 large installations around the exhibition, including a caravan and confessions box.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


My 3 final outcomes from the Typefrog project. The original poster I used was for a concert in the 1960's in Zurich, designed by Josed Muller Brockmann. The poster contains all the classic components of Swiss Graphic Design, something I have tried to break apart and display from the basic make up of the poster.

Photography - Space

These were my six final outcomes from our first photography brief, entitled 'Space'. After doing lots of different shoots using car parks, an abandoned house and the gaps between books on a shelf, I decided to use a public phone box. The idea between the rapid change between a public and private space was something that intrigued me. The photos themselves are taken to only subtly show that I am inside a phone box.

Kemistry Gallery - Mind Over Matter

Went to the Kemistry gallery in Shoreditch to have a look at the Alan Fletcher exhibition- 'Mind over matter'. The exhibition was free, and set up to show the original thoughts and ideas from Fletcher for his book 'The art of looking sideways'. Very insightful, and interesting to see all off the little notes and jots he made first hand; especially after having read the book itself.

Body Parts - Liver

Underneath is our video from the first project at Kingston, entitled 'Body Parts', our group was given the liver as our organ to explore for a week. The main fact we ended up focusing on for our final outcome was the fact the liver can regenerate itself, a unique thing for a human organ. As a representation of this we sharpened down a pencil from start to finish, before rebuilding the pencil with it's own sharpenings. Here is the video we came up with...

Friday, 16 September 2011

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Luke Lucas

Great typograher and graphic designer. First found him from his work for Nike, but has done lots of impressive digital work.

Information Is Beautiful

Another brilliant website. A group that visualises information through graphic design. They have produced two books, I've got 'Information Is Beautiful' and it's one of my favourites.

BBC X 365

One of my favourite websites over the past few months. Johnny Selman, an American graphic designer, produces a basic but provoking poster each day based on the BBC USA news website. I tried doing my own versions from my own news stories for a period of a month, here are some of his more recent ones.

Exhibition - Design Museum

Kenneth Grange - Incredible British designer, such a wide range of products. Also one of the founding members of one of my favourite design groups, Pentagram.

Exhibition - Tate Modern

Jannis Kounellis - Not my usual choice of work, definitely shocks the viewer!

John Heartfield - Another example of shocking work from an exhibition.

A few more examples of work that grabbed my eye from the Tate - 

More Typography Examples

Si Scott - 

Jonathan Preteux -

Axel Peemoeller -